About Bianca & Bridgett

The dynamic sisters Bianca and Bridgett founded Melbourne Stylists in 2011.  Through this business, they made waves and created headlines in Australia fashion from styling celebrities for red carpet events.

The girls worked closely with incredible well-known Australian designers, creating one off couture pieces bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour into the Australian Market. This business gave the girls the platform to start their own label that embodies and defines their views in fashion.

Bianca and Bridgett’s vision is to create incredible unique pieces whilst keeping them affordable enough so that everyone can enjoy them.

Their designs contain elements of femineity, sophistication and minimalism. Since launching, Bianca and Bridgett pieces have been spotted on many celebrities with their brand also featured in various magazines.

After launching these two businesses, Bianca and Bridgett had evolved into young entrepreneurs. If the girls come across a lack in the market you can be assured, they are going to bring it to life. This is how Booby Tape was born.

Booby Tape is the World’s FIRST Breast Lift Tape! It’s hypoallergenic, moisture resistant, painless to remove, lifts any bust size and allows you to wear outfits you couldn’t wear before because you can now go braless!

Throughout the girls own business struggles, successes and the knowledge that they have built up over the years, Bianca and Bridgett wanted to share their tips and tricks and knowledge within the industry and help others that are looking to start up a business of their own.

This is how ‘Bianca and Bridgett Consulting’ came about. This business gives young entrepreneurs an opportunity to ask Bianca and Bridgett any questions and share ideas with them. Throughout the zoom meeting, Bianca and Bridgett will share their tips and tricks within the industry and share contacts that give a product or service the foundations to hit the market with a bang.

Make sure you’re following Bianca and Bridgett on Instagram (@biancaandbridgett) to stay up to date!


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